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Professional Indemnity Insurance For Dental Practitioners In India

  Kedarnath Nakkalahalli Seshappa, Shruthi R, Arun K P

Therapies For Smoking Cessation: A Meta-analysis Of Double-blind Randomized Controlled Trials.

  Dipika Dabas

A Systematic Review: Honey As An Alternative In The Management Of Contemporary Wound Healing

  Dipika Dabas


Histopathologic Changes In Dental Pulp Of Teeth With Moderate And Severe Chronic Periodontitis

  Rithesh Kulal, Poorna Prakash, Nalini M S, Remya Nath


Pyogenic Granuloma- A Case Report

  Senthil Rajan, Krishna Kripal, Navnita Singh, Sai Anusuya G

Horizontal Root Fracture In Maxillary Premolar – A Case Report

  Monika Tandan, Piyush Tandan

A Rare Case Of Multiple Compound Odontoma Obstructing The Eruption Of Maxillary Permanent Central Incisor – A Case Report

  Kesavan R, Vinita Mary A

Treatment Of Grade Ii Mandibular Furcation Defects By Concentrated Growth Factors (cgf) And Hydroxyapatite Bone Graft (sybograf®) – A Case Report

  Senthil Rajan, Kavita Chandrasekaran, Krishna Kripal, Thaslim Fathima

Title: Craniomandibular /temperomandibular Disorder/ Dysfunction Treatment -a Case Report

  Shwetha Poovani, Prafulla Thumati


Dentist’role In Managing Patients With Established Diabetes Mellitus By Correlation Of Glucose Levels Among Venous, Gingival And Finger-prick Blood Samples.

  Farah Naaz Siraj, Ghousia Fatima, Roopali Tapashetti, Neha Bhutani, Aditya Rao

In-vivo Assessment Of Plaque Accumulation For Caries Risk In Children

  C Nagarathna, Aishwarya N

Dental Caries Experience Amongst School Going Children Based On Diet, Physical Activity And Adiposity In South Bangalore – A Questionnaire Study

  Shakuntala B S, Sirisha P, Manasi P Kulkarni

Post Extraction Assessment Of The Child’s Dental Attitude Changes After Providing An Ice Cream.

  C Nagarathna , Karthik Nair